Every dark cloud has a silver lining.

1975 was considered by some to be a dark cloud in the history of the United States. Americans were still feeling the effects of the Vietnam War, the economy was on shaky ground and the Watergate scandal continued to rule the airwaves.

Citizens of the U.S. were soon confronted with another pressing and ominous crisis...the shortage of energy. Gas was rationed, lines were long and the country continued to look for alternative forms of energy.

At the same time, W. Bernard Berry made a decision that with a little bit of ingenuity and a lot of hard work, lemonade could be made from lemons. On October 25, 1975, Berry Energy Consultants and Managers began operations.

Since that time much has changed, including our name. We have become Berry Energy, Incorporated to better reflect strong business models and the way we do business. We have also changed the way we conduct our operations. We have evolved with the changing times and technologies and have kept our operations fluid with the most state-of-the-art equipment and techniques available for our industry. In many cases Berry Energy, Inc. has been the innovator for processes and techniques used in the oil and gas industry.

Since 1975 the company has been family-owned and operated. The early days were seen to by Bernard Berry and a talented team of professionals. The 1980's saw the helm being taken by Bernard's son David Berry and these days the third generation, Daniel Berry, can be seen working hard as his grandfather and father have taught him.

Berry Energy has drilled and completed over 500 wells with an outstanding success ratio. Although Berry Energy personnel can look back with pride on a quarter of a century's accomplishments, they prefer to think and plan in terms of the future in order to perpetuate the company as a major and respected independent gas and oil producer and operator in the Appalachian area.