Welcome to Berry Energy

Berry Energy is a West Virginia company, owned by three generations of West Virginians and operated by a very talented and dedicated work force. The company was founded on the belief that as a natural resource, the successful and responsible development of natural gas is centered first on sound geology and followed by the implementation of current well completion and operation practices. Thirty-five years and over 500 wells drilled and completed by these fundamentals have led to a strong and enduring corporation.

As part of the progression, we approach the physical impact of the well location as it impacts the surface owner and the environment. By establishing an early and open relationship with the surface owner, making their input an integral part of the process, followed by high-standard reclamation practices, we create stable and positive relationships with owners and governmental agencies.

Berry Energy's obligation continues with the royalty and working interest owners. We start in the field with the physical aspect of operating and maintaining our production through the disbursement and management of these revenues to the owners. It is our chief concern to control operating expenses placing the revenues of the owners as the primary element, avoiding high or undue expenses which could flow back to us as operator. Berry Energy's present and future is dependent on the growth, solid and efficient practice it employs in the capture and marketing of natural gas and the development and expansion of these reserves.

Berry Energy's strength has been a result of our emphasis on the economics of the process while minimizing discovery costs, operational costs, or environmental costs. We believe that avoiding the latest trends and gold rush mentally until the true economics can be determined will lead to maximized results. Couple that with building long term relationships with employees, surface owners, royalty owners and government agencies, we have been able to create a thirty-five year history in natural gas development in Appalachia that can't be ignored.